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December/January E-News

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In This Issue:

2017 Year Wrap-Up

This Month's Associate 
Member Spotlight is 
J onas Fitness

This Month's Club Member 
Spotlight is Cherry Hill Health 
& Racquet Club

Introducing MACMA's 
Newest Member 
Aquila Health and Fitness

American Hero 
Classic Wrap-Up

Body Zone’s Biggest Mover 
Wellness Challenge

Parisi Speed School
License Offer

How to Keep Your Club 
Management Software 

Introducing Ali Adcock, 
Technical Sales and 
Marketing Manager at 
ABC Financial

5 Top Tips for Increasing 
the Number of 
Promoters in Your Club

Technogym News and 
Product Releases

Strengthening your Reflex: 
Why we improved the best 
selling treadmill on the market


2017 Year Wrap-Up

Provided by Kerry Campbell, MACMA Executive Director

On behalf of the MACMA Board of Directors, I would like to 
wish you all a safe, healthy, prosperous and fun holiday season 
and New Year. We are very thankful to both our Club Members 
and Associate Members who have continued to partner with 
us over many years. Your dedication to helping the industry thrive is
obvious! We are also thankful to our new Associate Members and 
Club Members that have recently joined MACMA and we look 
forward to our partnerships moving forward in the upcoming years.
Without all of you MACMA would not exist. 
You are MACMA and we thank you!

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This Month's Associate 
Member Spotlight is Jonas Fitness

Provided by Jonas Fitness

At Jonas Fitness we truly value our customers and the 
success of your business is our #1 priority. As we 
prepare to wrap up 2017, we want to take a minute 
to share with you what we've been busy working 
on this year.

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This Month's Club Member Spotlight is
Cherry Hill Health & Racquet Club

Provided by Lisa Alberta, CHHRC Marketing Director

Cherry Hill Athletic Club located in New Jersey has something
for everyone and they are creating raving fans. “I love the close-knit
family-like environment. Everyone knows your name, and even
remember it the next time they see you! I love the smiles and the
non-intimidating environment! CHHRC feels like so much more than
my gym, it's my home away from home!” says long time member
Anna S. We hear that type of testimonial time and time again.
It’s what separates us from our competition and what keeps the 
members coming back year after year!

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Introducing MACMA's 
Newest Member Aquila 
Health and Fitness

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

American Hero Classic Wrap-Up

Provided by Dana Shorb, Director of Fitness, Aspen Hill Club

I can't say enough how proud I am of everyone who participated
in the first annual American Hero Classic powerlifting meet 
November 11th. It was everyone's first experience training for and
competing in a powerlifting meet but all of our participants looked 
like pros. Expect next year to be bigger and better than ever. If you
didn’t get a chance to see what the buzz was all about mark your
calendars for next year, November 10th 2018!

Here is a wrap up of our event:
• Participants lifted a total of 6 tons, 12,765 pounds
• $638.25 donated to Paralyzed Veterans of America based
on weight lifted
• We raised an additional $170 through donations
during the event
• We had more than 100 spectators attend throughout the event
• 23 of our members sponsored a trainer to lift


for complete
2018 webinar
and details



Club Member Spotlight

Cherry Hill Health
& Racquet Club

Associate Member Spotlight

Jonas Fitness


Board of


Leslie Flynn
Columbia Association

Vice President 

Julia Arguelles 
Corporate Fitness Works

Dori Nugent 
Club La Maison


Anish Manrai
Columbia Association

Executive Director
Kerry Campbell 

Board Members:

Dustin Schnee
Merritt Clubs

Nicole Meidinger
Annapolis Athletic Club 

Rob Wise
Merritt Clubs

Body Zone's Biggest Mover
Wellness Challenge 

Provided by Debbie Stiller, Director of Wellness & 
Aquatics, Body Zone Sports and Wellness Complex

Wyomissing, PA—Body Zone Sports and Wellness Complex
announced a $4,750 donation to Laney's Legacy of Hope at an 
event last week to celebrate the conclusion of its Biggest Mover 
Wellness Challenge.

Body Zone members and staff were invited to participate in the
exercise challenge (Oct. 2 - Nov. 17, 2017) using Body Zone's new 
MYZONE heart rate wearable technology. As an incentive to join the 
challenge, Body Zone donated up to $50 to Laney's Legacy of Hope 
on behalf of every participant.

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Parisi Speed School License Offer 

Provided by George Stephens, Director of Brand 
and Network Marketing, Parisi Training Systems

Parisi Speed School is looking to make an even bigger 
impact in the mid-Atlantic during 2018 and now it’s never
been easier for YOUR health club to start making a difference in
the lives of kids in your community.

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How to Keep Your Club 
Management Software Secure 

Provided by Jennifer Hutchinson, 
Corporate Marketing Director, ABC Financial Services, Inc.

Security is extremely important when you handle large 
amounts of personal data for your members. 
Unfortunately, security breaches have become 
all too familiar for large companies in recent years. 
Choosing the right club management software 
that is PCI compliant will ensure your members’
data is always secure.

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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Introducing Ali Adcock, 
Technical Sales and 
Marketing Manager at ABC Financial

Provided by ABC Financial Services, Inc.

Ali Adcock is the Technical Sales and Marketing Manager at
ABC Financial. She is passionate about engaging with clients
through blogging, social media marketing and promoting brand
awareness for ABC.  She enjoys working in a fast pace environment
and is always up for a challenge. Ali holds a Bachelor’s Degree in
Communications from the University of Central Arkansas. In her free time,
Ali enjoys the outdoors, attending concerts and you’ll likely find her at 
the nearest taco stand.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

5 Top Tips for Increasing the 
Number of Promoters in Your Club

Provided by Megan Brown, TRP

Based on the latest findings from their research partnership 
with esteemed academic, Associate Professor of Sport and Health 
Sciences at University of Exeter, UK, Dr Melvyn Hillsdon; 
TRP (formerly known as The Retention People) have shared 
with us their recommendations for increasing the number of 
brand advocates in your club.

Net Promoter, Net Promoter System, Net Promoter Score,
NPS and the NPS-related emoticons are registered
trademarks of Bain & Company, Inc., Fred Reichheld
and Satmetrix Systems, Inc.

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Technogym News and 
Product Releases

Provided by Jacqueline De Berry, Technogym

Technogym, the leading producer of design and technology-driven 
wellness and fitness equipment, is pleased to announce the following 
company happenings:

• Technogym Seeks Master Trainers
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• Technogym EXCITE Line 
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Strengthening your Reflex:
Why we improved the best 
selling treadmill on the market

Provided by Freemotion

There’s really no such thing as an overnight success.
But if there was, the Reflex Treadmill by Freemotion
is the closest thing to it.

The Reflex Treadmill was one of the first to focus on the feel 
of walking deck. And while that mean seem an obvious thing 
to focus on, up until that point in time, it was all about the console. 
And while user experience is important, what can be more important 
than a better-feeling run?

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