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October / November 2020


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How the GymSales Dialer Can Help Personalize Your Sales Process

Q&A with Paul Meshyock


Upcoming MACMA Webinar

Now is the time
to make money for your club!


How the GymSales Dialer Can Help Personalize Your Sales Process

 Provided by Andi Conti, Director of Marketing

Capitalizing on new leads and automating the sales process as gyms are working to build their member base back again.

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Questions and Answers with
Paul Meshyock

Provided by Paul Meshyock, General Manager for Club La Maison in Wayne, Pennsylvania

What are some of the Challenges and OpportunitiesyourClub has faced during this pandemic?

Our main challenges
have been loss of revenue and maintaining a positive culture with our team of employees. Our team is our most important asset and I underestimated how emotional the day-to-day would be for them; shifting from a “growth” mindset to a “survival” mindset has been challenging for all of us. 

Opportunities: Members and staff expect change, so this has been a great opportunity to make those changes and improvements that may not have been as important as they are now. For example, re-structuring some work roles and departments, adjusting pricing and policies in various departments, even our hours of operations. We are also using this time as an opportunity to rethink our daily, weekly and monthly management systems. I have challenged our department managers to re-evaluate the systems they are using in their respective departments.

Share something that has helped to keep your membersengaged during this crisis?

We recently did a tribute challenge to the first responders of 9/11. It involved the staff vs the members to see which group could walk the most floors. We did this over a 2 day period and lit up our social media pages with some awesome content. The morale was up, the energy was up and overall, it brought some positive vibes to all of us. 

What kind of virtual offerings are you providing members and/or non-members?

We serve an older demographic, so we are not seeing our virtual options being used as much as we would like. This is proving to be another challenge for our club.

What are you doing in your Club as the weather becomes colder and outside space is no longer an option?

Unfortunately, we do not have many options once the weather gets colder. We are slowly introducing indoor classes with the instructors who we feel are influencers. If we get those instructors inside, we are hoping the members that trust them will follow. Our barre/yoga studio is limited to only 8 people and our cycling studio is limited to 12.  The total available spots in the classes are definitely going to be an issue. Many of our outdoor classes are at full capacity with 30-35 people per class. 

We are lucky to have one large studio that we have been using for many of our classes. The studio allows for us to service 20-25 people at one time, so we will be offering all classes in that space. We have even moved our bikes into this room, as well as purchased “booty kicker” barres to allow for a wide variety of class options all in one space.


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Has Your State Created a Fitness Alliance?
Are you involved with the Alliance?

Learn more>

IHRSA has created a Tool Kit to help states with the creation and functionality of an Alliance.  Everything is constantly changing from State to State so it is important to stay on top of what is happening.  Invite your local representatives to your Club.  Show them the measures your Club is taking to keep members safe and active ! Reach out to Kerry at [email protected] for more information.

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Upcoming MACMA Webinar

MACMA is excited to present a November webinar with Blair McHaney who has been an outstanding leader in the industry. Blair’s research and insight has really helped to us to bring the health and fitness industry back!

Webinar will be held
November 19 at 2pm 


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Now is the time
to make money for your club!

Written by: Tracey Bourdon

With Thanksgiving fast approaching and a slow December just around the corner, you can't wait to just get through to January, right? Wrong!

This year definitely looks different for everyone. Now more than ever you need cost effective and successful holiday marketing.
With a little planning, you can achieve a great return on investment and position your club for a promising new year.

The following is a Top 10 summary of things your club can be doing to engage and retain your new and current members during the holidays (even during a pandemic).

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