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December 2019/January 2020 E-News

December 2019/
January 2020


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MACMA Annual Conference 
& Golf Tournament 2020
July 8-9 at the 
Westin Annapolis Hotel 

New MACMA Board Member
Erin Kelly

InPower Program

Universal Athletic 
Club Success Story

Associate Member Spotlight
ABC Financial

Club Member Spotlight
Vertex Fitness

Momentum Fitness 
Introduces a New 
Team Member


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MACMA Annual Conference 
& Golf Tournament 2020
July 8-9 at the 
Westin Annapolis Hotel 

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New MACMA Board Member

MACMA is excited to announce our newest Board Member, Erin Kelly 

Erin Kelly 
Chief Strategy Officer
Brick Bodies Fitness Services

Erin Kelly is the Chief Strategy Officer for Brick Bodies, a chain of health clubs in the Baltimore area. In this multi-faceted role, Erin is responsible for club operations and strategies that enhance member experience and increase member engagement. Specifically, she is responsible for leading innovation in fitness programming, managing the club’s go-to-market strategy and design, and driving employee satisfaction and retention. Erin previously spent a dozen years with exercise programming leader Les Mills. She joined the firm first as a national distributor and ultimately held the title Executive Vice President for B2B National Key Account Management & Client Acquisition.

Erin has more than 30 total years in the fitness industry beginning with her early days as a trainer on the gym floor, to group exercise instructor at the front of the room, then general manager and ultimately the C-Suite where she is able to blend her sales acumen, entrepreneurial spirit and thirst for process improvement to drive top-line revenue and bottom-line growth.

In her free time Erin enjoys speaking at industry conferences, consulting with fitness startups, traveling to new places both near and far, and on occasion flexing her residential real estate license because, in her own words, she loves making deals.

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InPower Program

Provided by Michael Flickinger
Senior Health Fitness Program Manager

Over the past 5 years here at our Fitness Center, we have held a fitness challenge in mid-October through Mid-December to encourage fitness through teamwork! Every year we pick a theme and for 2019 our theme was "Calling all Superheroes". This challenge was designed to not only improve personal motivation and fitness, but also allow for a little friendly competition among co-workers. It is a point-based challenge where members create a “superhero” team of 4 and earn points through different activities and challenges in our fitness center. As the team begins to earn points, they fly through the city on our featured leader board posted in the fitness center. Fitness assessments are given at the beginning, mid-point, and end. If participants improve their assessment score, they earn a specially designed T-shirt.  The winning team receives fitness themed gift baskets. It is a very competitive challenge between all teams and the members have so much fun competing in it. We had 77 participants to start this year and all 77 are continuing strong in the competition.  

Below are the ways participants accumulate points.

  • Taking group exercise classes (points are based of the length of the class) 
  • Working out outside of the fitness center (points for up to three days of working out of the fitness center) 
  • Each week find a fun fact out about the staff and get a point 
  • Send us a team picture 
  • Personal Training 
  • Individual workouts 
  • Completion of weekly challenges 

It truly is a great program and it has been going strong over the past 5 years and has really kept members engaged over the holidays!



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2019 webinar
and details

Associate Member Spotlight
ABC Financial

  Club Member Spotlight
Vertex Fitness






Board of


 Ex Officio
Leslie Flynn
Columbia Association


Julia Arguelles 
Corporate Fitness Works

Vice President 
Dustin Schnee
Merritt Clubs

Jacquelyn Lofaro
Corporate Fitness Works 


Anish Manrai
Columbia Association

Executive Director
Kerry Campbell 

Board Members:

Maria Crennan
Hockessin Athletic Club

Dori Nugent 
Club La Maison

Erin Kelly
Brick Bodies

Nicole Meidinger

Rob Wise
Merritt Clubs


Universal Athletic 
Club Success Story

Provided by Colby Wagner 

"UAC has completely changed my life!"

"Last year I noticed that my energy level and overall health were significantly declining. My family has a history of diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. I struggled with high blood pressure my entire life, and noticed how much it had escalated due to job-related stress. One night after I recorded my highest blood pressure reading of my life, I decided that my health had to become a priority. At a young age of 25, I came to the realization that I was living an unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle. As my health continued to worsen, I decided that I needed to change course if I wanted to enjoy the rest of my life with my family.

Click here to read full article>

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Momentum Fitness Introduces a 

Provided by Tracey Wakeen,
Owner of Momentum Fitness, Written by Meghan Hayes

A Les Mills Instructor and Personal Trainer. . .
Meet Meghan Hayes

Hey y'all, my name is Meghan (Meg) Hayes. I am originally from Nebraska and now reside in Pennsylvania. Let's see, my journey in fitness started as a kiddo. I played sports as a kid, went to aerobics classes with my mom (starting in 3rd grade), my dad took me to the gym to lift (free weights with the boys!) and then it rolled into me enjoying being active and fit. 
The rest of my journey revolves around my passion for health and wellness. I started teaching fitness around 1996 and created my own "stuff". As for starting to teach Les Mills classes, that started back around 2004-ish. I've had over 20 years in the Fitness and Wellness Industry and looking to hold on strong for more. Somewhere around 2004-2005 I got certified in BODYCOMBAT (#21), then shortly after I added BODYPUMP (#55), BODYATTACK, BODYJAM, BODYVIVE (#5), RPM, CXWORX (#1), LES MILLS GRIT (#1), BODYFLOW (#78) TONE (#3) and now I even added a 200 HR YOGA certification as well. My Bachelor's Degree is in Exercise Science with an Emphasis in Nutrition. Phew, that was a little bit of thinking on my part. 
I joined Les Mills fulltime in 2007, then in 2008 became a National Trainer for BODYPUMP (my bootcamp for BODYPUMP was in 2008). I started back in 2008 as a BODYPUMP Trainer, than as CXWORX and GRIT were born, I was asked to join both teams as a trainer there. Then with AIM1 and Advanced Training, I've added those to my journey too! Been on the TAP team for over 10 years. 
Now my role with Les Mills is a National Trainer, Regional Training Coordinator for PA/WV and joining the Momentum family.  Currently, I teach and support the following programs: BODYPUMP (Trainer), BODYCOMBAT, CXWORX (Trainer)LES MILLS GRIT (Trainer), TONE, RPM, BODYFLOW, and Yoga RYT-200HRS.

My "why" and more starts with LiVEiT - LiVEiT>>>FWD every day - I get up - I am grateful & blessed - I find and build my own desires to thrive and LiVEiT each and every day - I live my truth and my best life - I create and have an ability to reach, support, affect others to do the same for themselves --- that is how I plan to help change the world! 


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